SureSearch is a leader in the utility locating, mapping and asset protection industry.

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SureSearch is a leader in the utility locating, mapping and asset protection industry.


Established as a family run business over 23 years ago, SureSearch delivered one of the first pipe, cable and leak detection services to Sydney and surrounding areas.

With a strong focus on customer and industry innovation, the latest technologies and expert technicians, SureSearch Utility Locating is a leader in detection, mapping, and pre-excavation planning.

Stringent procedures and in-house training ensures the team can continue to deliver the industry leading standard that the SureSearch name is renowned for.

We provide our clients with accurate information to assist in the design and construction of projects, with minimal risk of injury or delay.

SureSearch are the only business of its type to have dedicated teams of Allocators, Estimators, Project Managers, Surveyors, Draftsmen, Utility Locators, CCTV Technicians and Vac Truck Operators.

All SureSearch field staff are issued with iPads to allow them to produce onsite reports for all services conducted which are then sent directly to the client.


Project Management

We have a dedicated project department (team) who are experienced project managers with extensive experience in underground utilities who can help and cater to your specific work requirements from residential to multifaceted civil, structural, construction, infrastructure and transport. We can price, organise and facilitate works from start to finish professionally and feasible for our clients.


SureSearch has a dedicated work health and safety, environment and quality management team that are constantly aiming to improve our employees lives by creating a workplace where they thrive and are more productive because they’re supported by management that cares.

At SureSearch we strive to continuously improve the health, wellbeing and safety in our workplaces so as to protect the wellbeing of and prevent injury or illness to our employees and the communities in which we operate.

SureSearch has an established, documented and implemented certified Integrated Management System to meet the requirements of Internationally recognised standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The processes SureSearch adheres to are managed by the company in accordance with the requirements of these standards. Documented information, including relevant documents and records, are maintained to provide evidence of compliance and to ensure these processes remain effective.

Our fleet of over 40 vehicles and 50 staff ensure we can offer the following services:

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Utility Location Services – Utility Locating Sydney & NSW Central Coast – SureSearch

Experts in Accurate Detection, Site Protection & Service Locating

Regardless of your surface, or site’s construction needs, we can help. And with the right planning, we can also help you save.

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Utility Mapping / Surveying

SureSearch has a team of highly qualified and experienced surveyors who are experts at translating utility information to engineering grade survey data. We specialise in Utility surveys, Topographical surveys and construction grade survey control.

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CCTV Inspections Sydney

Why Use CCTV Inspections

Through either using our Push Rod Inspections or Main Line CCTV inspection tractor camera units, we are able to record footage from inside drainage systems, starting from pipes as small as 50mm in diameter to as large as 2m in diameter.

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Concrete X-Ray – Concrete Scanning Sydney

See through Walls and Solid Concrete

Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete (also known as Concrete X-Ray) is a form of non-destructive testing that records features and objects within concrete structures.

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Non Destructive Digging (NDD) – Hydro Vacuum Excavation Sydney & NSW Central Coast

Our vacuum units are fitted with specialist equipment allowing us to employ a range of techniques, including:

SureSearch’s Non Destructive Excavation Service is ideal for the removal of soil around underground utilities, eliminating the risk of damage to existing underground utilities and services, and avoiding potential harm to the environment.

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Jet Vac Drain Cleaning

When your drains need cleaning, you need SureSearch.

SureSearch has a fleet of combination hi velocity drain cleaning trucks. These trucks are capable of cleaning debris and roots from both storm water and sewer mains ranging from 150mm diameter to 1800mm diameter. These units not only clean the silted pipes, they also remove the debris from pits via the vacuum unit. With a powerful 1” Water jetting pump, pumping 333 l/min @ 170 bar and 180m x 1” sewer hose, our high-pressure jet cleaning is sure to remove any blockages in the pipe. A 6000L debris tank is large enough to carry all debris that has been cleaned from the pipe.

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Confined Space Entry

Got a Space to Explore?

We have successfully managed safe and efficient confined space entries on small to large civil and construction projects, accessing pits, manholes, tanks, culverts and even screw piles for main line CCTV inspection, underground utility locating, vacuum loading, non-destructive excavation and just general inspections.

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Smoke Testing

Smoke provides a simple but effective tool to detect leaks.

By forcing the non-toxic smoke into the networks or system where leaks are suspected, the leaks can be easily identified as visible smoke starts escaping through the problem area/s, all without causing further damage.

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Pipe Rehabilitation

SureSearch uses Quick-Lock, a German engineered, no-dig, trenchless repair system for rehabilitating existing sewer and stormwater pipelines.

Quick-lock installs quickly and is a flexible, structurally sound repair system with minimal labor, minimal preparation and minimal risk without costly excavation. Manufactured from self-locking V4A stainless steel sleeves and seamless EDPM rubber gaskets, to repair many common defects found in pipes sized between 150 DN – 800 DN.

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When it comes to leaks, pipes or cables, it pays to be sure. And to be sure, you need SureSearch. No job is too big, small or complicated, and we're happy to tailor our quotes by project.


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