Non Destructive Excavation – Hydro Vacuum Excavation Sydney


    Non Destructive Digging on Terrigal drive for underground utilities

To safely excavate without causing unnecessary damage to existing underground utilities and site damage, you can utilise our fleet of non-destructive excavation units.

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Our vacuum units are fitted with specialist equipment allowing us to employ a range of techniques, including:

  • Hydro Vacuum Excavation, which combines high-pressure water and a high-flow vacuum, allowing for quick, clean and precise evacuations.
  • Air Excavation and Knifing, which uses high-pressure air compressors, to either pothole or excavate.
  • Vacuum Excavation (or suction excavation), which be used for the removal of dry and wet materials, as well as to transfer debris and remove soil around and near underground utilities and services.


SureSearch’s Non Destructive Excavation Service is ideal for the removal of soil around underground utilities, eliminating the risk of damage to existing underground utilities and services, and avoiding potential harm to the environment.


Importantly, our vacuum units can be used as a safe way to access and remove unwanted materials from your building site.


It is ideal for:

  • Safe exposure of underground utilities
  • Excavation of power and street light poles
  • Exposure of underground utilities/ services before excavation
  • Service proving trenches (slit trenches)
  • Service proving potholes
  • Pole and post hole digging
  • Excavation around tree roots
  • Removal of rail ballast
  • Trench excavation around or under obstacles
  • Pit cleaning and maintenance
  • Conduit cleaning and stringing
  • Surveying and mapping of underground utilities and service


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