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Utility Locating


Whether you are looking to locate existing underground utilities, pipes & cables, or want to plan the safe placement of new infrastructure, SureSearch has the solution. We offer a range of expert utility locating, surveying, and ground penetrating radar services, and offer services out of our offices located in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle.

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Utility Mapping / Surveying


SureSearch provides 2D & 3D survey capabilities to assist with the location of marked utilities and services. Our Robotic Total Stations, or survey accurate GPS equipment, completes our expert services for utility investigation, survey and reporting.

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CCTV Inspections


SureSearch’s main line CCTV inspection service allows our expert team to get eyes in places once thought impossible.

Through either using our Push Rod Inspections or Main Line inspections tractor camera units, we are able to record footage from inside drainage systems, starting from pipes as small as 50mm in diameter to as large as 2m in diameter. These units are remotely operated from a designated vehicle, and can operate independently for distances of up to 500m. 

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Concrete X-Ray


Once the domain of superheroes, SureSearch can now offer you a way to see through walls and solid concrete with our Concrete X-Ray Scanning Services.

Ground Penetrating Radar concrete (also known as Concrete X-Ray) is a form of non-destructive testing that records features and objects within concrete structures.

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Non Destructive Excavation


To safely excavate without causing unnecessary damage to existing underground utilities and site damage, you can utilise our fleet of non-destructive excavation units.

Our vacuum units are fitted with specialist equipment allowing us to employ a range of techniques, including:

  • Hydro Vacuum Excavation, which combines high-pressure water and a high-flow vacuum, allowing for quick, clean and precise evacuations.
  • Air Excavation and Knifing, which uses high-pressure air compressors, to either pothole or excavate.
  • Vacuum Excavation (or suction excavation), which be used for the removal of dry and wet materials, as well as to transfer debris and remove soil around and near underground utilities and services.

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Jet Vac Drain Cleaning


When your drains need cleaning, you need SureSearch.

To get your drains clean, use one of our range of high pressure cleaning solutions equipped with vacuum, for the removal for material from drainage systems.

Our units range in size from 4m3 to 12m3 capacity, allowing SureSearch to provide solutions for all size jobs and locations.

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Vacuum Loading


SureSearch’s underground services offer a well-maintained mobile fleet of vacuum trucks for the removal and cleaning of all types of materials.

We can help with the expert cleaning of tanks, vessels, pits and culverts. Our vacuum loaders range in size from four to 12m2, and are capable of vacuuming wet or dry material to depths of up to 20 metres deep.

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Confined Space Entry


At SureSearch underground services, our experienced personnel and specialist equipment, designed for confined space entry, can gain you safe access to those areas that seem impossible to reach.

We have successfully managed safe and efficient confined space entries on small to large civil and construction projects, accessing pits, manholes, tanks, culverts and even screw piles for main line CCTV inspection, underground utility locating, vacuum loading, non-destructive excavation and just general inspections.

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Leak Detection


At SureSearch, we use a range of sophisticated testing techniques to gain the most accurate understanding of the location and source of suspected leaks.

SureSearch is a leak detection company that specialises in:

  • Water leak detection
  • Pump line leak detection
  • Gas leak detection
  • Fuel line leak detection
  • Compressed air leak detection

Knowing the source of your leak, as well as the damage it’s causing, will prevent further damage, and will help identify the safest way to fix it.

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Smoke Testing


Smoke provides a simple but effective tool to detect leaks. At SureSearch, we provide an efficient and cost effective smoke testing service that uses a high-flow, non-toxic smoke for finding leaks in plumbing drainage networks, sewers and storm water.

By forcing the non-toxic smoke into the networks or system where leaks are suspected, the leaks can be easily identified as visible smoke starts escaping through the problem area/s, all without causing further damage.

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Residential services


SureSearch is a leading provider of detection services for government and industry clients. However, as homeowners ourselves, we understand the importance of using the best tools and technicians for your number one investment.

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