Jet Vac Drain Cleaning


    Jet Vac Drain Cleaning

When your drains need cleaning, you need SureSearch.


To get your drains clean, use one of our range of high pressure cleaning solutions equipped with vacuum, for the removal for material from drainage systems.


Our units range in size from 4m3 to 12m3 capacity, allowing SureSearch to provide solutions for all size jobs and locations.

We have a range of operating pressures and flows that our industrial drain cleaning units can operate at, ranging from 90lpm @ 4000psi to 300lpm @ 2500psi. Our jetting hoses range in length from 60m to 180m, and diameters from 1 inch to 1/2 inch.

Our technicians have extensive experience in dealing with all sorts of drainage projects and issues, from heavy cleaning of storm water culverts and systems, to mass infestation of tree roots in sewer networks.


Are you a Plumber?


At SureSearch, we also provide solutions tailored specifically for the plumbing industry. We provide industrial jet drain cleaning for those projects where your jet or electric eel simply isn’t enough.

Get Your Drains Flowing

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