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SureSearch’s main line CCTV inspection service allows our expert team to get eyes in places once thought impossible.

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Through either using our Push Rod Inspections or Main Line CCTV inspection tractor camera units, we are able to record footage from inside drainage systems, starting from pipes as small as 50mm in diameter to as large as 2m in diameter. These units are remotely operated from a designated vehicle, and can operate independently for distances of up to 500m. 


Why Use CCTV Inspections


Our CCTV units are used to assess and report on the conditions and inhabitance of foreign materials in sewer, storm water and other drainage systems.


These CCTV inspections can be recorded, allowing for documentation; and all our cameras are fitted with high-powered sondes that, when combined with our locaters, allow us to pinpoint any locations needing repair or further inspection.


With pan and tilt cameras capable of zoom, we can inspect and identify the smallest of imperfections in the largest of networks.




SureSearch uses wincam specialised software, enabling us to provide detailed reporting on drainage networks and systems. Our services come with a variety of reporting options and levels.


To get eyes where you never thought possible, give SureSearch.



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