Smoke Testing


    Smoke Testing

Smoke provides a simple but effective tool to detect leaks. At SureSearch, we provide an efficient and cost effective smoke testing service that uses a high-flow, non-toxic smoke for finding leaks in plumbing drainage networks, sewers and storm water.

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By forcing the non-toxic smoke into the networks or system where leaks are suspected, the leaks can be easily identified as visible smoke starts escaping through the problem area/s, all without causing further damage.


Our Smoke Testing is often used for:

  • Sewer leak testing
  • Locating leaks in drainage systems and networks
  • Storm water leak testing
  • Trap primer testing
  • Cross connection testing
  • Locating roof leaks


If you’ve got a leak, we might be able to smoke out the culprit. Call us today for a quote.



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