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3 December 2014

Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Vacuum loading services are effective, affordable and necessary to perform in order to prevent and avoid problems from occurring to your property. A septic tank is a part of a septic system designed to accumulate wastewater. As a matter of fact, septic tanks are cement containers buried into the ground with aim to collect unwanted water and liquid from our households. Every tank has chambers, one designed to filter dissolved solids and other to provide transporting in the septic mound. A septic tank is attached with all drain lines from toilets and kitchens so one septic tank can serve a large community. If the holding tank is smaller than the septic tank it will not be able to hold the wastewater as soon as it reaches its capacity. Other problems with holding tanks are anaerobic and aerobic bacteria inside the fields (their purpose is to break down the sewage). From time to time flooded areas must be cleaned, pumped off and prepared to kill all anaerobic regions that can ruin the septic tank pumping system. If the required cleaning services are not undertaken on time the septic tank starts to smell as a direct consequence of throwing wrong garbage that overloads the system and causes runoffs.

Waste water that flows into the septic tank should never be composed from: diapers, clothes, chemicals, petroleum, pesticides or corrosive materials. If the waste water becomes full with contaminants and trash, it may spill and overflow from the septic tanks. Cleaning the septic tank is a must; wastewater needs be removed on time. Sometimes, when the job is too "advanced" we need to outsource super potent chemicals from industrial cleaners in Brisbane. People who are not familiar or efficient enough to work with septic tanks may get hurt during vacuuming and removing the scum materials. Everyone should be conscious about the type of trash that could harm the tank causing a huge mess like blocking your pipes which can be very costly to repair.

Most important thing for every single household is to schedule the cleaning frequently every 3-5 years. After being aware of the possible blockage and dangers that microbes in your tank may cause, you need to hire trusted septic tank pumping contractors in your area.

We are highly trained and accredited for vacuum loading including: cleaning tanks, vessels, pits and culverts. Our vacuum trucks are capable to suck all materials up to 20 meters deep. Every day inspection and observance are priority so the reservoir can be carefully cleaned from unwanted materials. Obviously, after the water pumping we must clean the vehicles inside and outside and prepare it for the next vacuum loading.

Keeping the interior of the vehicles clean is not an easy task to do.

  • We are using a high pressure vacuum excavation treatment to get rid of all the waste into the vehicles.
  • Inner side of the vehicle may still contain solid material that was not entirely removed. If we wait too long to process the waste from the vehicle, in the future, it will be much harder to fully remove it from the bottom surface.
  • Cleaning inside is possible by two manholes specially designed for this purpose. Beside the entire layout of the vehicles it’s washed with water and disinfected to remove all unwanted sludge. If method before is not so effective we undertake manual removing to eliminate the rest of the scum. Sometimes the vibration technique is much more effective to clean the truck entirely.
  • During the whole process of cleaning and removing we collect the contaminated water in large bins.
  • After all steps of cleaning and removal we may say that the truck is prepared and ready for use.

No one wants to spend time thinking about their tank cleaning schedule so leave the task to S&S Solutions who will prevent and avoid problems from occurring to your property.

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