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Parramatta, Sydney | 14 May 2020

Residential Services – Don’t wait until your Leak turns into a larger Problem

To find out more about our Residential Services, please complete the quote request form, email, or call our customer service hotline. A Simple Test for…


Parramatta, Sydney | 14 May 2020

Vacuum Loading Sydney – Cleaning of Tanks, Vessels, Pits & Culverts

SureSearch’s underground services offer a well-maintained mobile fleet of vacuum trucks for the removal and cleaning of all types of materials. Why Choose SureSearch? We…


Parramatta, Sydney | 30 January 2015

Smoke Testing for Detection of Leaks & Cross Connections in Sewers

Are you fearful about leaks in your sewer pipes?? You probably should be worried; these leaks can be very dangerous and costly – because they…


Parramatta, Sydney | 3 December 2014

Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Vacuum loading services are effective, affordable and necessary to perform in order to prevent and avoid problems from occurring to your property. A septic tank…


Parramatta, Sydney | 5 November 2014

Advanced Jet Vac Service Cleaning

The primary function of high pressure Jet Vac Drains Cleaning is to get rid of liquid waste from sites by applying high pressure jetting at…


Parramatta, Sydney | 14 October 2014

CCTV Camera Surveys and Inspections

Blocked drains are usually a consequence of fat and grease that runs through the drains and as the temperature of the waste cools down the…


Parramatta, Sydney | 9 September 2014

Specialist for Non-Destructive Excavation & Utility Detection Services

The modern city is a labyrinth of optical cables and water pipes, buildings and barriers. If you decide to build a new object on the…


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