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30 January 2015

Smoke Testing for Detection of Leaks & Cross Connections in Sewers

Are you fearful about leaks in your sewer pipes?? You probably should be worried; these leaks can be very dangerous and costly – because they usually release flammable methane gas and hydrogen sulphide! And can cause ground collapse/ subsidence causing property damage.


When you suspect that your sewer, water or gas pipes have leaks or other defects that need to be repaired, you should first of all call a professional using advanced equipment to locate the position so that the problem can be fixed. If there is a damage to your property or personal belongings, check out this website for water damage restoration company. Your pipes may have leaks, that you are not aware of this is common. Fort Lauderdale's premier water restoration and cleanup are the reliable experts.

As a matter of fact, a lot of leaks that we find or that are reported to us can be of neighbours reporting problems at their houses and the house with the cause being completely unaware of the problems caused from their water, gas and drainage systems. If you ask Louisville plumbing professionals, they will tell you that, locating your underground pipes requires some devices and professional knowledge and is not for the layman. The process doesn’t always involve digging around your house to find them which as in some cases if you contact a plumber.


There is an easier way to locate your pipelines and leaks so you can exactly know where they are placed and where the problem areas are . We can perform a smoke tests to find leaks in your sewer pipes and cross connections between your stormwater and sewer pipes which are illegal very quickly and effectively. Our smoke test procedure is conducted by placing a specialised smoke machine/blower over or in the desired pipe to be tested while a non-toxic artificial smoke is pressurised through the pipes and system to discover any possible leaks or cross connections between sewer pipes and stormwater pipes. The smoke flows out of the cracks and from the places where there are faults in the pipes. After the thoughtful inspection all connected lines will be additionally checked to detect if any other defects are present (source: Insulwest).



Smoke tests are very useful, especially in sanitary sewer systems that cannot be completely sealed. The Smoke Testing process is usually applied when the plumbing system is older to identify cracks, leaks or breaks in closed sewer systems.


Councils have been using smoke testing widely to detect sewer main defects and sources of unwanted rainwater in sanitary sewer systems as a result from broken manholes and other defects for years. Today the same diagnostic technique is applied successfully in residential and commercial projects when the leak is concealed and can’t be located with other methods including CCTV inspection cameras.


The major advantage in the testing process is that the drain does not have to be blocked or capped off; everything will be undertaken under normal usage condition. Blocking off a sewer system is not needed. If the drain is is really blocked, it is necessary to take immediate actions. Blocked Drains London can be efficiently fixed after conducting a comprehensive drainage survey.


During periods of heavy rains, sewer systems can become sluggish as a consequence of rainwater entering the sewer system. Smoke testing can detect how and where the water has infiltrated the system without using CCTV camera inspections and or a utility locator, saving you $$$$$. Although we use this system for detecting leaks of water and gas, smoke testing can be an effective way to identify and locate “lost” manholes before a problem occurs. Our job is to make sure your underground lines are working properly without any hidden flows that may be dangerous to you and your family. That’s why we are using progressive technology for underground locating services in order to prove accurate results.

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