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    Leak Detection

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At SureSearch, we use a range of sophisticated testing techniques to gain the most accurate understanding of the location and source of suspected leaks.

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SureSearch is a leak detection company that specialises in:

  • Water leak detection
  • Pump line leak detection
  • Gas leak detection
  • Fuel line leak detection
  • Compressed air leak detection


Knowing the source of your leak, as well as the damage it’s causing, will prevent further damage, and will help identify the safest way to fix it.


How We Test


Our highly-trained technicians can carry out a variety of leak testing techniques, including the pressure testing of entire water, gas and piping networks, dye testing of swimming pools/ wet areas, smoke testing of drainage, spray testing of walls, roofs and windows, as well as water analysis for determining the origin of the leak. 


SureSearch uses a range of devices to accurately track locations of leaks, including:

  • Acoustic listening devices
  • Hydrogen sensing equipment
  • Nitrogen testing equipment
  • Pipe and cable locators
  • Smoke testing equipment
  • Dye testing
  • Diving equipment


We also offer a range of comprehensive solutions that allow us to accurately assess, report and document the quality of piping and drainage networks and systems.


Our Leak Reports


At SureSearch, we use a designated software program for comprehensive and detailed reporting. These reports are ideal for presenting to:

  • Strata companies & assessors
  • Insurance companies & assessors
  • Building maintenance
  • Councils


If you suspect you have a leak, don’t delay. Contact us today. “Be Sure, Use SureSearch.”



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