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9 September 2014

Specialist for Non-Destructive Excavation & Utility Detection Services

The modern city is a labyrinth of optical cables and water pipes, buildings and barriers. If you decide to build a new object on the surface the situation can get complicated because of the power cables, telephone, fibre optic cables, and sewer pipes. If we go any further, we need to be aware of the new utilities which are constantly being installed or relocated, so many years ago since the 19th century.

In a situation when you have planned to build a new construction where utilities exist, it is crucial that you have located and mapped all underground pipes or cables to prevent risks of damaging water pipes and thus repairing them which may bring you even more cost.

For any building contractors, operating on the object or on a site without previous mapping of underground utilities can result in costly delays and financial penalties or even worst scenarios, you are faced with the risk of the injury to workers or even death. Therefore, it is advisable and necessary to detect and locate all underground utilities before starting any construction activities like digging.

Non-destructive excavation will locate precisely any existing underground utility. The same procedure includes eliminating the tiny surface from the ground area for about a 1’x 1’ with previous locating. It provides a reasonable solution for sensitive surfaces without causing damage, especially for the underground optical cables, gas pipes, water pipes, or sewers.


This is an ideal alternative instead of a hand digging, especially in the communications industry, building services, pipeline companies and utility companies as the best practice for safely and cost effectively detecting, avoiding potential harm to the environment.

  • Benefits of Non-destructive excavations are countless which makes it preferred method
  • Easy maneuverer: it’s created to allow the operator easy access to all angles on the site, easy to control movements
  • Transportable: All the equipment it’s easy to be transported from one place to other
  • Easy to maintain: because of the self-cleaning vacuum system it will start to vibrate and remove dirt and rubbish
  • No risk of damage to the surrounding site beside it is ecologically friendly

In order to prevent these hazards, and to increase safety in the construction field, our company now practices overhead crane installation procedure and successful hydro and air vacuum excavation techniques. Air excavation is a combination of an air lance to loosen the surface and a special pipe to absorb and to remove debris and later on to deposit it in a holding tank. In this phase, we avoid physical contact with underground pipes or cables. There is no risk that those cables will be damaged and the risk of electric shock is significantly reduced. At last, all garbage is placed in a special tank; the surface stays clean and the cost is very reasonable if you hire utility contractor, specialist for excavators and utility detection services

Hydro vacuum excavation as technique is extremely useful in many construction projects as a way to dig up and explore sites that would be too easily damaged if we use other traditional methods. When there is a construction requirement in aim to locate water or any underground items, we undertake carefully digging using a hydro excavator which has been found as a fast, safe and clean device. Using specially designed HX vacuum trucks, water pressure can be adjusted as needed. We avoid the risk of damaging underground items by using special equipment carefully and quickly excavation.

You can call or email us today for Non Destructive Excavation services or mapping and utility location; we ensure safer and more proficient removal of any surface material in any project environment.

Non destructive excavation

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