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14 October 2014

CCTV Camera Surveys and Inspections

Blocked drains are usually a consequence of fat and grease that runs through the drains and as the temperature of the waste cools down the oil and the grease will hold to the surface causing clogging. When the pipes from the sewer are damaged, people often start to dig into the ground to replace the old pipes with new ones. The new advanced technique is to produce pipes with unsticking materials that may cause cracks and usually lead to obstructions. The drain material itself is very complex, filled with polymer resin that activates when waste water goes through it, leaving the pipe clean.

Because the drainage systems are underground the problem may get worse when it comes to leaking problems, which can cause huge damage like cracking and flooding. Over time we must routinely check the sewer systems just to see if the condition down there is satisfying or the inspection chambers are closed off. Visual inspections are easy to do; all you need is to control the water by raising the manhole cover and check if there is any liquid running throughout the plumbing system. When it comes to the old draining systems made years ago which doesn’t include inspection chambers in it, the inspection will be made by the usages of small cameras. Using cameras you can act properly and you would not make a mistake of digging at the wrong location.

The most common problems you will notice during inspections are:

  • The leaking pipes,
  • Storm water that is trapped in the canal instead of flowing through the system;
  • Cracked pipes as a consequence of heavy vehicles over the road;
  • Drain blockage from waste.

Nowadays, the usage of CCTV cameras as an affordable and reachable solution for every homeowner is drastically increased. If you are looking for innovative perimeter security technologies, you can learn more at Cameras are becoming very affordable and there for all kinds of new ways to use them are popping up. CCTV drain survey implants a minor camera into the drainage system so every problem below the ground can be identified. The procedure may prevent problems and save you from costly repeats in the future. The major benefit of the CCTV Inspection is the short period of time you can recognize and locate the problem with leaky and blocked pipes.

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The equipment we own presents a high quality image that can be recorded in a same way as usual video cameras. This way we can identify faults within a drain, rubbish, dirt or debris that requires cleaning out. The oil and gas industry are common users of this camera for cleaning pipework, because of the easiness of controlling the conditions underground. The high degree of technology allows us to get information rapidly and locate the problem immediately so there is no need of cleaning the entire system that saves time and money. Generally CCTV inspections are associated with tractor units which drive cameras in more directions in order to provide clear image and easy navigation in every direction.

CCTV camera surveys are used to assess and report on the conditions and inhabitance of foreign materials in sewer like storm water and other drainage systems. The method is very effective in preventing problems and regular maintenance. It’s a common practice for homeowners to install cameras when buying new houses as a cost-effective solution, instead of replacing the entire drain system. If you need emergency assistance in compliance to the latest standards and products available, contact our specialists, they can detect issues immediately, the camera will emit a signal on the problem area over the position of the blockage. We can give you accurate information about the layout of the pipes so you can decide where to dig and how deep to dig underground. All this can be seen through the camera, so hiring a specialist like Suresearch for cctv services, leak detection or concrete x ray scanning is the right decision.

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