Advanced Jet Vac Service Cleaning


The primary function of high pressure Jet Vac Drains Cleaning is to get rid of liquid waste from sites by applying high pressure jetting at every site and transporting the remaining waste with vehicles.   Sometimes blocked drains may lead to water leaks so it’s a good practice to never attempt to correct an issue by yourself if you are not 100% sure in your capabilities to solve the problem. If you don’t know how to fix the problem on […]

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CCTV Camera Surveys and Inspections


Blocked drains are usually a consequence of fat and grease that runs through the drains and as the temperature of the waste cools down the oil and the grease will hold to the surface causing clogging. When the pipes from the sewer are damaged, people often start to dig into the ground to replace the old pipes with new ones. The new advanced technique is to produce pipes with unsticking materials that may cause cracks and usually lead to obstructions. […]

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Specialist for Non-Destructive Excavation & Utility Detection Services


The modern city is a labyrinth of optical cables and water pipes, buildings and barriers. If you decide to build a new object on the surface the situation can get complicated because of the power cables, telephone, fibre optic cables, and sewer pipes. If we go any further, we need to be aware of the new utilities which are constantly being installed or relocated, so many years ago since the 19th century.   In a situation when you have planned […]

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Sophisticated Water Leak Detection Services Sydney & NSW Wide


A water leak can cause a serious damage to your property and particularly destroy your living space. Even a small leak from a busted pipe may cause problem if it’s not detected on time, so it seems out to be equally important to identify and repair the leaks.   At the beginning, it may be a small leak, but over time it could cause a serious waste of water and huge bills and require geotechnical drilling services as well. Tiny […]

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